Why Most Affiliates FailAnd What To Do About It

Do you know what happens to 94.3% of the people who get a pass to the gym in January to lose weight for their New Years resolution? 94.3% of them never lose weight and you never see them at the gym again after January 31.

Does that mean the gym does not help people lose weight? No, it means the people decided they would rather not go to the gym and put the effort in to lose the weight. The same is true for affiliate programs, they work for those who actually use it. To keep it simple, affiliate programs are programs that enable you to sell other people's products for a percentage of the sale. If you've never read up on any of the products and never take any action you will never make any money.

However, if you do take action and you do all your homework you can change your entire financial future. Knowing why the less fortunate have failed can make you successful. Why do they fail? Lets take a look: 1.

First and foremost, there's a steep learning curve. Advertising on the internet isn't quite as easy as most people think. Most successful affiliates would like you to believe they're somewhere on a beach raking in money, this simply isn't true. Marketing takes a considerable amount of skill and it takes a while for most people to truly understand how to get potential buyers to their website.

(Quick tip: ezine advertising is the #1 way to go) 2. They simply give up. Making money as an affiliate can be a pain in the butt.

But you must never quit. You must continue to work at it because one day it'll pay off. Trust me. What would you do tomorrow if you knew it would work today? 3. People sign up for the wrong types of programs. The most popular types of programs now are the ones that pay out monthly.

These are called residual income affiliate programs. With this type of program if a customer to signs up and they use the service for 6 months, you get paid a percentage of the sale for 6 months. 4. Last but not least, procrastination. Let's say you find a great program to sign up for and you dream of how much money you can make, then you seemingly find a better program and repeat the process.

With this, you've done noting to sell a product. Believe me, procrastination gets you nowhere fast. I hope that you are part of the 5.7% who decides to take action and change your life for the better. I can tell you personally I've been both really poor and really rich and being rich is way better than being poor.

Whatever sacrifices you have to take to succeed it will be worth it ten times over. There is nothing better to invest in than your future.

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