Why You Need Multiple Steams of Income in Your Home Business

Every home business plan should incorporate a method for multiple streams of income. However, most home business owners do not have any idea this is necessary. Many simply get involved with one opportunity and focus strictly on that business. But what happens if the company goes out of business or your downline is not producing as quickly as you had hoped? Well simply, you are not making money. So building in another stream of income is vital in every business plan to keep your business growing and healthy. What do I mean by multiple streams of income? Well simply put you need to have a source of income coming from several different avenues.

It can be from the same industry or completely different industries. I find it easier if they streams are coming for the same industry, but only for simplicity sake; but never from the same company. So how to you do this? Well I would like to say simply but that is not always the case.

Let us assume we are going to build our streams in the same industry. You might have various price points on products. One of your products might cost $50 and the highest end might be $3,500. The $50 and anything in between is leading up to the $3,500. You can easily create these with affiliate marketing products.

Or you might have complimentary products. If you are selling a discount travel membership you might sell a line of clothing that travels well so your customers can take their baggage on-board and not pay the higher prices for baggage check. Sell the baggage.

sell discount gas voucher to ease their costs. Another good income stream is training and support. If your primary source of income is your network marketing business, then sell your services. You can start out with free and move up to more advanced coaching. Once someone gets to know you and your knowledge and experience they will gladly pay for you mentorship.

This is great in other ways; while you are training you will be producing e-books, videos, podcasts, conference, all things you can sell later. Taking your main product and being a little creative will force you to branch out and naturally create those other streams of income. I suggested staying within in the same industry for simplicity sake. But there is nothing saying you can or should not create a stream in information marketing and real estate. So as you startup your home based business think ahead, make a plan, know how you want your business to expand.

If you can do this simple task you will be far ahead of most new home business owners and stand a far better chance of sustainable growth.

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