Wonders Of Email Advertising Ignore SEO And Still Prosper

Many people may not know it but email advertising is so powerful that some online enterprises have done extremely well for themselves by completely ignoring SEO and simply putting all their efforts and resources into email advertising. When you really think about it, few things can beat reaching directly into your prospects' and regular client's email inbox. Actually email advertising enjoys a number of clear advantages over SEO marketing. For starters whatever SEO efforts and strategies you implement, you will need loads of patience as you wait for search engines to index your pages and to make the full changes in search engine rankings. The leading search engine, Google for instance can take many weeks to do this.

In sharp contrast email advertising is instant. You can purchase an Email opt-in list or advertise in a certain email newsletter and the results will virtually be instant and in a few hours you will have felt the main impact of your activities. In recent times, there have been all sorts of controversies involving search engines and the regular changes they make to their algorithms which impact the rankings of web sites in various searches.

Many webmasters have gone through the nightmare of waking up one morning to find that they have completely been wiped off their high search engines rank perch. The effects of this have always been devastating. It has meant losing all their valuable traffic overnight and along with it all their revenues and profits.

In this kind of scenario, the many advantages of email advertising have become as clear as day. It means that the webmaster or blog site owner has full control of the traffic they are able to generate and with it their revenues and profits. The good news is that the advantages of email advertising are numerous and far outweigh the few disadvantages. Contrary to the belief of some webmasters, you can actually have a successful marketing strategy for your site that totally ignores SEO and still end up being very successful.

Email advertising is one of the favored alternatives to SEO marketing that has seen many web sites and web based businesses prosper in a major way. To make the process easier for you, many internet marketing companies offer web based email marketing software that will help you to manage your lists, messages, and promotional tools. The List King Pro bulk emailing service from is one of the quickest, safest and most cost effective ways to distribute your exclusive advertisement via email. We distribute your stand-alone email message direct to our double opt-in email databases.

Send your email advertisement to reach millions of targeted, permission based email recipients. Your site will definitely receive have an increase in traffic and hopefully sales. While highly personable email advertising enables you to personalize and greet every person you target. This helps in creating a special bond with the prospects and allows you to build customer and reseller loyalty and acquire new customers. Email advertising has shown to be a successful internet marketing tool.

Terry Detty, 42 years old, finds internet marketing his passion. In addition to marketing he enjoys reading, and occasionally gets out for a short walk. ListKing Pro Email Marketing; Email marketing software that increase your web traffic through specialized bulk emailing service.


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